Our services include:


• Male Bodyguards
• Armed Agents
• Male Chauffeurs
• Armed Chauffeurs
• Security For Shopping Sprees
• Protection For Families
• Celebrity Protection
• Public Figure Protection
• Diplomat Protection
• Corporate Executive Protection
• VIP Protection
• Security Detail For Award Shows
• Guest Screening
• Paparazzi Counter Measures
• Short-Term Hire
• Day Shift
• Live-In Agents
• Permanent Hire

• Female Bodyguards
• Unarmed Agents
• Female Chauffeurs
• Unarmed Chauffeurs
• Estate And Mansion Protection
• Protection For Children
• Royalty Protection
• Dignitary Protection
• Politician Protection
• Professional Protection
• Athlete Protection
• Security Detail For Events & Parties
• Crowd Control
• Stalker Protection
• Long-Term Hire
• Night Shift
• Live-Out Agents
• Licensed, Bonded & Fully Vetted


All of our agents are able to travel domestically and internationally.

As a full-service bodyguard and executive / personal protection company, we specialize in the placement of bodyguards, executive and personal protection agents, chauffeurs, drivers and much more for celebrities, royalty, public figures, dignitaries, diplomats, politicians, corporate executives, professionals, VIPs, athletes, families and children.

A subsidiary of Celebrities Staffing Services, we have been providing stellar services to high-net-worth individuals for over 20 years, not only in the security/bodyguard industry, but in the service industry as well. Celebrities Staffing Services is one of the leading household and corporate staffing agencies, specializing in the placement of top-notch candidates to work in the estates, homes and offices of the rich and famous.

With eight locations and a full roster of candidates throughout the U.S. and internationally, we are well equipped to place highly proficient staff in any position.

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