Whether you need a bodyguard / chauffeur specially trained in the art of protection and elusive / defensive driving maneuvers, or simply an efficient chauffeur to take you from point “A” to point “B”, we have you covered. Our chauffeur services include:

  • Male Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Armed Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Live-In Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Day Shift
  • Short-Term Hire
  • Permanent Hire
  • Female Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Unarmed Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Live-Out Chauffeurs / Drivers
  • Night Shift
  • Long-Term Hire
  • And Much More!


All of our professional chauffeurs are meticulously screened to assure their suitability for the position. A thorough investigation is conducted including criminal background checks, employment history and references, drug and alcohol pre-employment and random screening, and DMV Motor Vehicle Reports. Interviews, personality profiling, area knowledge and map book testing is also conducted. Before training even begins our chauffeurs are thoroughly screened to assure the highest level of customer service and client safety.

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